"Village style" football

Let ‘s talk about football today! Why? Because holiday season is almost here and what else would be the kid's favourite activity during school holidays then football? It is actually really funny too! Today i will share some funny facts about the "local rules" of Malagasy football! :)

The Madagascar National Football team is also called BAREA, named after a local zebu. Barea is a kind of wild zebu with a massive body and a long horn. Alefa Barea is the song to express the union of Malagasy people and it means GO BAREA! If you would like to hear the song, just clink on the video below! This is a brand new video made this year for the Africa Cup of Nations 2019. Qualifying for the first time for the Africa Cup was a huge success for the Malagasy team!

Football is the main sport and almost everybody love and watch it here! We were not that good at football before, but since we've changed our national team (we have a new coach called Nicolas Dupuis -a French ex-player- also) things changed a lot: we've won against some football teams from Africa like Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Mauritanie, Niger.

When I was a child I used to play football with some of my friends in our village too. Playing football in the villages is actually really funny and believe it or not there are so many rules!!! So here are some of the rules the children follow:

the fattest child is the goal keeper

The "ball ownner" is the king in Mada! Those who have an actual football have everything! So it is super important to keep the ball owner happy: if he gets angry the game is over!

  • the 2 best players can not play in the same team

  • the best player of the village plays ALWAYS alongside the ball owner!

  • one of the team plays shirtless so we know who is in our own team

  • it is really not cool if we loose a match, we consider it a shame

  • if the ball falls out of the field it is the batter who has to bring the ball back

  • oh and there are no yellow or red cards :)

And finally to start a match we always say: peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the match!