Year 2020 - let's dream!

What a wonderful 2019 we've had! It is even hard where to begin!

For those who know us already know our story started back in 2018 when we first visited Madagascar. A few months later, in February 2019 our foundation was registered in Hungary. We had a real, official foundation!

We had high hopes upon starting our work. To be honest too high expectations at least if it comes receiving donations. But we did not care in the beginning since we had the money for our first project.

It wasn't easy finding the right engineer in Madagascar since most of them saw a huge bag of money in us. We were just white people wanting to build something for most of them. It is sadly true for most third-world countries that locals care the least for their own people. Maybe they see their own world via their own eyes which is not even so bad? Who knows. Neverthless we got in contact with Mr. Marcellin whose professionalism and humanity convinced us immediately that we will give him the job of our first project.

We started our work in Madagascar by building a kindergarten for the little ones in a small community called Andragonamiditry. Works went really well and at the end of May we opened our little "school". Since then the kindergarten (or as they call it école de maternelle in the French system) has been operating successfully. However we cannot hide the fact that the building is still without furnitures. We are still waiting for them from the Ministry of Education whose director promised us: we build the school, they provide the furnishing. We kept our promise, they haven't. We know it is a long process we also have to accept and understand and this will be one of our main goal for 2020: to find a way through the malagasy bureaucracy.

Our first project costed us 15.400 EUR. Meanwhile we only received about 2800 USD donations in 2019 mostly from friends and family. We hope that our Facebook community will soon be strong enough to be the bearer of our good work in Madagascar and through our 30.000 followers we will collect enough money to start some new projects in 2020.

At the end of the year we had some money left to spend from our registered capital, so we started our second Tsara Project in Mada. This includes renovating the old primary school building and building a new room for the teachers. Once it is complete hopefully in the spring of 2020 the kids of the village will have access to proper education.

For this year we only plan one project: we would like to build toilets and bring clean drinking water to the school. Sadly neither the school nor the village has toilet buildings or sewage system. Hopefully we will have the plans soon for this project.

If you are all reading this blog post and you are symphatizing with our projects please help us to make this goal a reality this year. We do not ask much. We believe in the power of a community and we are large enough to make a change! Just think of it: only 1 USD from our 30.000 followers would mean 30.000 USD donation immediately. And this is a huge pile of money we could not only build the restroom and water system but to also build another 2 classroom school somewhere in Madagascar!

For donations you can simply click on the DONATE button on the top of our main page and follow the PayPal instructions.
To say thank you to all of you who supported us here is a new video we made recently: