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We believe education is a basic human right for all us in this Earth. Sadly for many children in Africa (and all around the world) this is just a dream. Without proper education noone has the chance of getting out of poverty. Together, if we all do a little we can mage a huge impact on the life of these people.

We, the founders of Tsara Project decided to do our best to raise enough money through this website and through our activities so we can build a few schools in the remote areas of Madagascar. We work closely with the local communities and also with the Ministry of Education. Our first building - a kindergarten - will be ready in the summer. We still have a lot of work ahead us and we are positive that with all of your help we make Madagascar a better place.

As Europeans we feel we need to help in Madagascar... and you always ask WHY?

As Hungarian folk we get this question almost every day: why helping in Madagascar when there is a lot to do also in Europe, in our own home. The answer is easier then you'd thought: Madagscar is the place where we felt for the first time in our life that need to do something for another human being. It is a feeling we cannot explain. And YOU can only understain if you are walking in our own shoes. WE know we have a job there and we do our best making this dream a reality.


It all started with a holiday in the autoum of 2018. We've been to a lot places around the globe but seeing the poverty in Madagascar shocked both of us. We could not believe our eyes when we realized that there are actually places on this earth where there is no electricity in a city. On the other hand we fell in love with the locals. We had so much fun! And we could not wait to come back!​ The country's charm, openness and the enormous gratitude of the local people fascinated us. It wasn't a question that we have to do something, we have to help somehow. This is how Tsara Project was born with the help of our local friend (and our formal local tour guide) who is currently helping us with the local issues. We've got lots of plans ahead of us and we you are all helping us we will make them happen! That is a promise. 

Péter Spaaits


Raissa Mkikadi

Local affairs

Stella Széll

Director of the Curatorium



Do you have some spare coings helpings us? We are not asking for thousands. Even with a simple donation of 20 USD you could make a huge contribution making our projects a reality!

Enjoy our very first video done in June 2018 during the opening of our first kindergarten in Madagascat. A special thanks for the lovely video to Fita Productions, a local malagasy agency! 


Intellectual support of communities

Without proper parental support, children have little chance of getting involved in the beauty of education. During our visits in the villages we organize programs for the families. We try to encourage them and make sure their children will not leave school. 

Healthy and clean environment

We will also create community spaces in our schools

99% of these kids do not have access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation or improved toilets. That is the reason we find it extremely important to build restrooms, washrooms in the schools and provide free and clean drinking water. All of these will be available to all members of the community. Hopefully with the proper sanitation we will be able to reduce the number of hepatitis A, typhoid fever, protozonal diarrhea and cholera.

Training of local teachers

We are 100% involved in the operation of "our" schools. Once we are fully operational in our first location we will provide trainings for local teachers. In addition to Malagasy and French, we will soon offer free English classes for the kids. English is essential for them especially in the northern areas in order to succeed in increasing tourism


Construction of primary schools

Our primary goal is to build ministry approved primary schools in the remote parts of Madagscar. We started our first project in the north, near Diego Suarez. The villages in Madagascar are terribly cut out of the civilization due to the lack of road system. Especially in the rainy season families are unable to leave their villages and children cannot go to their schools.  Our approx 540 ft2 classrooms provide enough space for the kids living nearby and we will be able to provide quality education for all.